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Quick Fixes

Weiders Pro Hardware provides Quick Fixes to help you with tips for small projects. For assistance in planning any of your larger home improvement or DIY projects, please come into Weiders Hardware and we will be glad to assist you.

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Removing Indentations
Cover the dent with a damp cloth and then hold a hot steam iron over the area. Fluff the carpet with your fingers as the fibers cool.

Removing Gum
Freeze the gum with an ice cube. Then scrape it off with a razor blade or blunt knife, cutting the gum from the carpet without damaging it.

Removing Wax
Place a sturdy paper towel over the wax area and apply heat with an iron set to a medium heat, no steam. The wax should melt and absorb into the paper towel. Repeat as necessary.

Unsticking Latches/Locks
Inject graphite powder, lubricating spray or talcum powder directly into the key hole. This should loosen the tumbler for better performance.

Stripped Hinge Screw Holes
Remove screws and actual hinge. Tap a wooden golf tee into the stripped out hole so it's a snug fit. Score the tee on one side and tap it in the opposite direction so it breaks off flush to the door jamb. Pre-drill into the tee with the appropriate bit size for the screw and reattach the hinge.

Stopping a Squeak
With hardwood plank floors, rub baby powder into the cracks. Work the boards back and forth by standing on them to work the powder into the cracks.

Patching Floor Tile
Remove the grout from around the broken tile with a grout saw. Pry or chip up the broken tile. Remove the old adhesive and replace it with new adhesive followed by a new tile.

Removing Black Streaks From Vinyl
Using a terry–cloth towel, scrub the streak with mineral spirits. Make sure to test an inconspicuous area of the vinyl to make sure the floor doesn't discolor before you begin.
- OR -
Rub an old–style typewriter eraser on the black streak.

Removing Water Rings
Mix baking soda and tooth paste into a thick, pasty consistency. Using a damp, lint-free cloth, apply the pate in a circular motion, wiping clean occasionally until the moisture is gone.

Softening Hardened Glue
Apply warm distilled white vinegar to furniture joints with an eyedropper. This method can also be used to loosen glue stains on fabric.

Removing Bathroom Mildew
Use a mixture of 2 cups of bleach per gallon of hot water. It's just as effective as the commercial cleaners and a lot less expensive.

Choosing Paint Brushes
Use Chinese or natural bristle brushes for oil-based paints and synthetic bristles for latex paints. For the best results, invest in good quality brushes and take proper care of them.

Fixing Small Leaks
For a small leak, put petroleum jelly into the crack and wrap the pipe with a rag or tape. This will work on both lead and plastic pipes.

Patching Larger Leaks
Shut off the water supply and drain the pipe. Remove any rust on the leaking area with steel wool and wipe it dry. Then, wrap a piece of garden hose around the leak and secure it with clamps.

Protecting Tools
Keep 3 or 4 pieces of chalk in your toolbox to help deter rust and absorb moisture.

Filing Nail Holes
Patch holes with a mixture of white glue and baking soda.

Plaster Wall Drilling
To prevent chipping, flaking and residue falling to the floor, put masking tape over the area of the plaster wall to be drilled.